Chain of Responsibility Not Just For Drivers

Does your company use road transport to get goods to your customers? Do you get items and/or materials shipped to you for your business? Under new legislation, anyone with influence over the supply chain must be Chain of Responsibility compliant, and you could be risking a fine if you aren’t. This extends to consigners, packers, […]

Are you compliant with Chain of Responsibility Laws?

With the introduction of new Chain of Responsibility legislation, your road transport business needs to be compliant in order to continue conducting business legally. Under these laws everyone from consigners, packers, loaders/unloaders, supervisors, drivers, schedulers, operators and receivers must be compliant with the new heavy vehicle and safe road transport laws.

Breaching the “Chain of Responsibility” laws can be costly

Ruttley Freightlines, the trucking company owned by Bob Ruttley, one of Sydney’s highest-profile racehorse breeders, has been fined $293000 for breaches of the chain of responsibility laws. It is the largest fine issued in NSW and was for breaches including overweight and oversized trucks. Other Ruttley owned companies are facing prosecution in South Australia for […]

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