Chain of Responsibility is an education and information site for the heavy transport industry. The Chain of Responsibility legislation, though introduced as early as 2005 has not had thorough exposure and compliance throughout the industry. In our research we find many transport related companies, including some well known household brand names, are not well prepared in regards to Chain of Responsibility and may well be exposed in the event... [ Read More ]

WorkCover NSW Safety Action Plan launched

An industry action plan for businesses has been launched by WorkCover NSW. The action plan is a combined effort between a coalition of organisations including WorkCover NSW, NatRoad, Australian Trucking Association NSW and a number of others. The plan is aimed at creating better awareness and understanding of the safety issues affecting the trucking industry […]

Horrific Truck Crash Kills 22

Mexico is a city that is often plagued by heavy vehicle accidents. Yet another one has occurred which resulted in 22 fatalities. The crash involved a tanker vehicle carrying liquefied petroleum gas which broke through a guard rail and fell into a neighbourhood of homes. Approximately 45 homes and 180 people were affected by the […]

The Trucking Industry Raises Concerns about Clause in the Proposed New Work Diary

According to an article on members of the trucking industry are concerned about a clause in the proposed new work diary which gives enforcement officers the power to determine if a driver is fatigued. The diary is due to be introduced on July 1 during which time the NHVR will take over the running […]

Worst Highways in Oz revealed

A recent study which investigated 461 major crash incidents in Oz, revealed the country’s worst highways. According to the study, the crashes combined cost was AUD$54.7million. Although truckies may not be able to avoid certain routes and “dangerous” highways this study is valuable in giving truckies insight into the most dangerous roadways where they should […]

Monster trucks – is bigger better?

The amount of freight being transported from our ports is estimated to double by 2020, which means more trucks are needed to transport that freight. To help cope with the increase, bigger, longer trucks are being trialled. These super B doubles and A doubles, as they are known, will be able to carry twice the […]

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