Monster trucks – is bigger better?

The amount of freight being transported from our ports is estimated to double by 2020, which means more trucks are needed to transport that freight. To help cope with the increase, bigger, longer trucks are being trialled.

These super B doubles and A doubles, as they are known, will be able to carry twice the amount of a normal semi-trailer. Also being discussed are B triples which at 35 metres long will be the biggest vehicle on the road.

For the last two years these trucks have been on trial through VicRoads. Neil Chambers from the Victorian Transport Authority states that “these are a safe vehicle, they are productive, they have got better braking systems, better prime movers, and better drivers.”

He explains that restrictions will be placed on these vehicles, such as which road networks they can use as well as lane restrictions.

The National Transport Commission predicts $1.1 billion savings by using the big trucks and a reduction in fatalities of up to 25 per year.

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