CoR Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chain of Responsibility?

The aim of the CoR laws is to ensure that legal liability is imposed on all those in the transport chain who have responsibility for certain tasks where their actions result in an offence.

All parties in the road transport supply chain have specific obligations under the law to prevent a breach. The principle behind the CoR concept is simple:

Any party who has control in the transport chain can be held responsible and may be made legally liable

What are the target areas of Chain of Responsibility?

  • speeding,
  • illegal driving and working hours (fatigue management),
  • overloading, exceeding vehicle dimensions
  • poorly restrained loads.

The chain of responsibility laws are designed to apply to all road transport offences, ranging from minor breaches of log book recording to actions contributing to a serious spill of dangerous goods from a truck, or, at worst a fatal accident.

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