Chain of Responsibility Not Just For Drivers

Does your company use road transport to get goods to your customers? Do you get items and/or materials shipped to you for your business?

Under new legislation, anyone with influence over the supply chain must be Chain of Responsibility compliant, and you could be risking a fine if you aren’t. This extends to consigners, packers, loaders/unloaders, supervisors, drivers, schedulers, operators and receivers – everyone must be properly trained and compliant.

If you perform any of these roles and aren’t currently compliant, you can fix this the easy way by taking the online course available from Chain of Responsibility Online. The course takes less than an hour and can be completed in multiple sittings, plus you can print your certificate from your home or office – no time off work or expensive in-person training necessary.

Clear on-screen instructions with audio and video aides make the test as easy and straight-forward as possible. All you need is access to a PC, an Internet connection and a printer to make it official and ensure you are free to focus on business, not avoiding a fine.

Don’t let something that’s easily avoidable get in the way of your ability to do business: take Chain of Responsibility Online’s interactive course today!

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