Breaching the “Chain of Responsibility” laws can be costly

Ruttley Freightlines, the trucking company owned by Bob Ruttley, one of Sydney’s highest-profile racehorse breeders, has been fined $293000 for breaches of the chain of responsibility laws.

It is the largest fine issued in NSW and was for breaches including overweight and oversized trucks. Other Ruttley owned companies are facing prosecution in South Australia for further breaches of the law.

Ruttley Freightlines is a contractor for Toll IPEC, transporting up to 30% of its cargo. Toll’s corporate spokesman, Andrew Ethell, said Toll “will not support actions by either its employees or contractors to undermine road safety. Toll Group expects its businesses and their contractors to operate according to the law at all times,” he said.

Link to Sydney Morning Herald report

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