Beware Truck Rollovers

Although no driver wants to contemplate certain consequences of dangerous driving behaviour such as speeding, lack of vehicle maintenance or driving while fatigued (or under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol), truck crashes are a reality and they are happening everyday on our roads.

While some road accidents involving heavy vehicles are more serious than others, truck rollovers are the kind of accident that is particularly threatening to drivers. For example if a driver crashes into a light motor vehicle, the passengers of the light motor vehicle are more likely to be injured than the driver is, whereas if the truck rolls there is more of a chance that the driver will also be injured.

An incident which occurred in North East Miami, Florida recently is an example of the damage a truck rollover can do. The incident in question occurred when a semi-truck slammed against a South Florida home and rolled, spilling gallons of diesel fuel and causing 2 people to be injured. The 2 injured parties had to be rushed to hospital when the driver of the semi-truck lost control.

Not only are incidents of this nature extremely dangerous and life threatening, they are also costly and inconvenient. A long night of clean up ensued following this rollover and emergency personnel such as paramedics, fire fighters and state troopers were all involved with the rescue operations.

Authorities said four people were injured in the crash, 2 had to be rushed to hospital while crews worked to have the semi-truck hoisted upright. Witnesses said that the damage to the home is certain to be extremely extensive.

The following excerpt was taken from and explains what happened:

“It didn’t even look real,” said witness Tammie Anderson. She was driving down Ives Dairy Road Friday evening and watched as the Coca-Cola truck barreled into the home. “He just hit the house and flipped over,” she said.

The crash took place near Ives Dairy Road and Northeast 16th Avenue. Nearby resident George Banker, who lives across the street from the house that was hit by the truck, shot a cell phone video showing first responders spraying foam over the scene moments after the impact. “It’s like, smoke and steam and this liquid was coming out,” he said.

Banker said he saw the three women who live in the white, single-story home rush out looking startled. The cell phone video he shot also captures the driver of the semi-truck crawling out of the vehicle and walking away. “He was bleeding, but he was more crouched down on the floor,” Banker said. “He had some cuts and bruises, but nothing major.”

A red Mercedes-Benz with extensive damage to the front is also part of the scene. FHP troopers said they are still not sure how the sedan was damaged or how the semi-truck lost control. “Right now the troopers are working to determine how, obviously for the scene and for the road, we’re going to determine how the tractor trailer ended up on the side of the house,” said FHP Sgt. Alvaro Feola.

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