Fatigue Suspected as Cause of Serious Crash

A suspected case of fatigued driving has resulted in a serious crash in NSW Blue Mountains. A fully laden A Double fuel tanker overturned during the early hours of Sunday morning. Despite the seriousness of the accident, NSW Fire and Rescue spokesman said the whole incident could have been much worse. The accident occurred when […]

The Real Cost of Truck Accidents

Members of the trucking industry undoubtedly suffer huge financial costs every time a crash or incident occurs involving one of their trucks but the real costs cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Trucks preform irreplaceable and invaluable services which make the lives of ordinary Australians better, whether it be by transporting fuel so that […]

Staying cool made affordable with tax free air conditioning

Good news for truck drivers, staying cool on long journeys during those scorching hot Summer months has just been made easier as the fuel used in the truck sleeper cab air conditioners is now tax free. The move is thanks to the lobbying done by the Australian Trucking Association. According to an article on Trucking […]

Speed Blamed as Cause of Fatal Crash

Speed has been blamed for yet another truck accident in Oz. According to a report on www.northweststar.com.au police are investigating the cause of a fatal road train accident that took place just 14km east of Cloncurry last weekend. According to police it seems the accident was caused by a speeding road train that overturned at […]

Beware Truck Rollovers

Although no driver wants to contemplate certain consequences of dangerous driving behaviour such as speeding, lack of vehicle maintenance or driving while fatigued (or under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol), truck crashes are a reality and they are happening everyday on our roads. While some road accidents involving heavy vehicles are more serious […]

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